One to One Tutoring


Are you struggling to understand some particular App? Are you wanting to learn about something in particular? Why not spend some quality time with your own Tutor? Bring along your own device - doesn't matter if it's a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone (or all three) - and the Tutor will work side by side with you and work through any issue you may have. 

Sessions are carried out at the Learning Centre on Wednesday mornings, and last for an hour. If you would like to book a session, please complete the form below. Don't forget to click the "Submit" button.

We also offer 1to1 Tutoring ""In-Home"" for qualifying members. This service is offered for those of us that struggle to get up the stairs at our Learning Center, and also for those who use Desktop computers. To book an ""In-Home"" session enter your qualifying details in the message box below.

Each session costs $10.00. If you feel somewhat confident you can book back to back sessions (subject to availability).

Please Note: You must be a current financial member of SeniorNet to participate in a One to One Session.