Other Activities

Open Days

At the start of each Term we  open our doors to everyone. Members, friends of members and the general public are invited to visit our Learning Centre to have a look around and to see what we do.  Potential new members are able to talk to, and ask questions of other members and tutors, and have a look through the schedule of upcoming courses and workshops. New member registrations and course enrollments can be completed on the day. 


Question and answer sessions give our members an opportunity to find answers to all the issues they might find frustrating when using their devices. The sessions are monitored by some of our most experienced Tutors and take the form of an Open Forum where anyone is free to ask questions and contribute to the discussions. If you have an issue that's been bothering you, come along and have a chat and we'll see if we can find the answer.

Social Days

Come along and meet other members and our Tutors and Helpers. Bring a friend and introduce them to SeniorNet. We invite different identities from our community to give a short talk while we relax over a nice cuppa. Take the opportunity to have a look at the courses that are coming up, and to fill out that enrolment form that you've been meaning to send to us.