Interest Groups

Android Group

This is a Group Session where all questions and queries are welcome. Bring your Android device along and meet other Android users. Learn tips and tricks from others and share your own knowledge and experience.  We meet at the Learning Centre on the 4th Wednesday of the month, every month at 2:00 pm.  To join Phone Colleen 877 8503

iPad Group

 Are you an iPad user? Is there something frustrating you? Are you having trouble finding your way around your device? Do you want to learn how to do a particular task? Why not join the group. We meet at the Learning Centre on the 1st Saturday of the month, every month, at 2:00pm. To join phone Jenny 876 0315



Genealogy Workshop

Come along and join us at the Genealogy Workshop. We welcome anyone who wishes to find out more about their family history. Here you will find talk of spectacular successes or failures encountered whilst searching for ancestors, and ways and means of overcoming research problems. I’m sure we will become a lively bunch and get to know each other well as our meetings will be very interactive. Participants will usually have the satisfaction of learning something new or exciting. We meet at the Learning Centre on the 1st Thursday of the month, every month, at 10:00 am. To join phone Gillian 870 0957