How We Teach

Most of our teaching sessions are two hours in length with a tea/coffee break in the middle.

One-to-One sessions are one hour in length. A series of weekly One-to-One sessions may be booked if required, dependent on the availability of tutors.

Workshops are usually one two-hour session, with the opportunity for some hands-on activity. Workshops may extend to two weekly sessions of two hours each.

Presentations are two hours long and do not have any hands-on activities. They present a technology topic in depth. Some presenters are from the community, e.g. librarians or health professionals.

Interest groups focus on a topic or a device.  They are interactive and are run in an informal manner. Examples are the iPad group, Genealogy group and the Android group. We plan to offer other groups, based on demand.

Short courses range from two to four two-hours sessions which are held weekly. There is a high level of hands-on activity.

Q&A sessions are held once or twice each term giving members an opportunity to seek answers to large or small questions. Technology experts from the community attend some of these sessions.