Course Descriptions

 A brief description of some of the courses we offer   

Please Note : Not all courses are offered every term. Class subjects are dependent on the availability of tutors.


Android Camera – New Uses

This presentation will show you how to get more out of your phone camera. The camera is not only for family and holiday photos, but can be used for practical purposes too.



Android for Beginners

This is a three lesson course progressing from a "Beginners" level to an "Intermediate" level. In these classes you will learn the basics of your device, and become confident in it's use. This will lead you into the more advanced lessons to come.


Cloud Services  

This presentation demystifies the "Cloud" and explains the pros and cons of using a Cloud Service. We explore some of the Cloud Services available to find out which is best for you, and explain how to confidently use a Cloud Service to store your data.




DNA Discussion Group

This Group Session involves both SeniorNet and Genealogy Society Members and explores the ways in which DNA Testing can assist with ancestry research. This Group Session dovetails with the “Genealogy for Beginners” course and the monthly “Genealogy Workshops”. For those who already have DNA test results, and for those considering getting DNA tests done, this group will assist you with the arrangements for the tests and in interpreting the test results in the most comprehensive manner. 




There are three sessions in this series of workshops that begin with showing you how to make your Facebook Account secure and private, progressing through the different ways to use Facebook and ending with an explanation of the interaction between Facebook and Messenger.


Files Folders Flash Drives

There are two lessons in this series conducted over consecutive weeks. We show you how to create Folders, and to save Files to them. We show you how to arrange, or rearrange, files and how to move or copy files from Folder to Folder. We also show you how to Move or Copy Files and Folders to a Flash Drive (Memory Stick).



Come along and we will help you discover your background, your ancestors and your origins. This four lesson course shows you way to research and identify family members, and shows you how to arrange and display information so that it's easy to follow. There is also a monthly workshop held on the first Thursday of every month where you can find out what others have done and pick up hints and tips for your ongoing investigations.

iPad For Beginners

There are three lessons in this series conducted over consecutive weeks. We show you the basics of using an iPad, and how to manage your Wi-Fi. In later lessons we explore how to use your iPad to browse the Internet and how to download and use different Apps.


Manage My Health

We have secured the services of an expert external presenter from the PHO to show us what this app offers. Manage My Health is a secure online service that gives you the freedom to manage your health needs and those of your family, anytime and anywhere. You can make doctor appointments, view your records, view your lab results, view your medical conditions, see details of your prescriptions and more.


Online Banking

A presentation by Westpac Bank designed to give you confidence in conducting your on-line banking (whatever bank you use).  A practical exercise following the presentation gives you the opportunity to move a fictional character’s money around on a dummy Westpac platform. 



Online Photo Albums

There are three lessons in this series where we teach you how to save and arrange your photos in such a way that they can be made into a book. Participants will need a good basic understanding of how to manipulate files and folders.



Power Point Part A

There are four lessons in this series. We will teach you how to insert text, diagrams, images and animations into a Power Point presentation. An advanced course (Part B) may be offered at a later date. Each lesson will have a balance of demonstration by the tutor, and time for you to practise what you have seen. Not suitable for iPads or other Tablets.



Scanning Photos

This is a demonstration lesson and is very useful as a precursor to the "Online Photobooks" course. During this demonstration you will be shown how to scan your photos and documents. You will receive an explanation of how to file your scanned items and how to find them. This session includes a demonstration on how to transfer photos from your phone or camera to your computer, and how to "Bulk Name" your photos. You will receive instructions on how to save photos to a Flash Drive so they can be transferred to another computer, and there will also be a demonstration on how to Crop and correct faults using Photo Gallery.


Smart TV's

A presentation on the wonders of  Smart TV technology.  Using a 60” Panasonic Smart TV we will show you some of the benefits you get by using a Smart TV, and we show you how to wirelessly connect smartphones and tablets. We also show you how to access the Internet and entertainment Apps directly from your Smart TV. 



Tables in Word

In this demonstration course we show you how to create neat, tidy and professional looking documents using "Tables in Word". We show you how to calculate and manage data easily and accurately. We show you how to create personalized documents, such as calendars, timetables and address lists, which can be used in a Mail Merge when you need to send the same information to a lot of different people. Participants in this course need to have a solid grounding in using computers and should have some experience using Microsoft Word.



Windows 10

There are three lessons in this series where we start from navigating our way past the Login Screen, then progressing through to learning how to manager the many and varied Settings available in this Operating System. These lessons are very "hands-on" so, bring your own devices and learn to navigate your way around this platform while building confidence to unlock the special features of this new and exciting system.